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Visit “Lichtbron” (from Netherlands)

On 13th of October 2016 Joke Harrivan came with a group of people of the “Lichtbron” church from Lelystad, Netherlands.

They made a lot of activities with their churchmembers to fund money for the “Radist” classes. Organization of bazaar, making and selling cookies and a concert resulted in the very nice amount of 2.000,00 Euro! Read more

Exchange trip “Radist” team to the Netherlands

Already for the fourth time we’re able to organize an exchange trip for four of our team members to Holland.

From 25th -29th of October 2016 Pollina Piddubna, Hanna Borovyk, Julia Kikta and Olga Sokolova had the opportunity to visit 2 schools for children with Special Education Needs (SEN). “De Rank” in Barendrecht, en “Pieter Zandt” Praktijkonderwijs in Kampen opened (again) their doors for giving priceless information about how to organize (practical) education.

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Seminar “Radist” team

Last autumn holidays, precisely at 2d of November, a seminar took place in one of the “Radist” classrooms. The organization of the seminar was in hand of the board of the “Perspectiva 21-3” project.

Participants where the team members of “Radist”, Makarchuk N.O. (Professor and scientific supervisor of the experiment), Pavluchenko O.N (the director of  school nr. 26th) and other members of the school administration.

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Trip to Lviv

Tuesday 4th till Thursday 6th of October 2016 are going into history as remarkable dates for children and teachers of the “Radist” classes.

Since one of our sponsorfamilies from Holland was initiating a special action to collect money for an excursion. De Dreu family’s 6th child has Down’s syndrome. Christi-Anne and her mom Marie-Jose were crafting photo cards and selling them for this purpose. Read more

Opening Professional Orientation Room (POR) for sponsors and partners


2d of December 2015: Opening Professional Orientation (class)Room (POR) for sponsors and partners

After intensive period of renovation, and receiving a lot of financial support and advices from different sources, we were happy to meet our sponsors and partners at the opening of the POR.

A presentation about the project was given by Arenda Vasylenko-van de Ree. Pavlushenko Olga Nicolaeva, director of the school, explained the vital need for this type of lessons for children with Special Education Needs (SEN).

The children of the “Radist classes” hosted our guests for a tour through the POR. The different sections (napravlinie)  were presented; reception, library, office, café, kitchen, shop, laundry and cleaning area. Each child was telling and showing their obtained skills. At the end the served our guests with coffee/tea and sweets! Read more

Wedding of Loedmyla Pryhodko (Pohrebniak)


One of our very much loved and respected teachers found her husband and lives now in Kirovograd. With part of the team we went to the wedding. It was a very happy and impressive event. The special atmosphere of love and and God’s presence. Andrey (Loeda’s) husband got a few years ago physical handicapped after falling out of a tree. Now he’s using a wheel chair. He’s now reaching out to those like him.

Loeda is now working at a centre in Kirovograd for mental handicapped children. She’s (of course!) using a lot from the materials she worked with in the “Radist” classes. Read more

International scientific Practical Conference


On the 29th of October 2015, the “Perspectiva 21-3” project organized an International Scientific Practical Conference:

 “Socialization of Children with Special Educational Needs in the Context of Compensational Education”.

The conference was both a celebration of success, and a presentation on a new book. It was a celebration of the finalizing stage of the first scientific experiment,“Integration of Children with Down Syndrome in an Educational Climate”. The conference  had a presentation on the  book “Learning with Joy,” which serves as a guide for the education model we set up with the Radist-classes. Radist means “joy” in Ukrainian, hence the name “Learning with JOY.” Read more

Team Building


The “Radist” team is on regularly base getting together with purpose of strengthen the team.

  • Friday noon work analyses with tea (combined with celebrations of birthdays etc.)
  • Sometimes just some excursion out in free time (theatre, tearoom, walk in nature etc.)
  • Seminars/master classes in school vocations about the different methods we use in the project.
  • Strategy planning day out of Kiev.
  • Barbeque out of Kiev. (Games, songs, presents, smiles, tears, hugs and prayers!)
  • Trainings by psychologist (during vocations) on topics like communication, time management.
  • We’ve minimum once a year individual talks on professional en personal development.

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