Our team


Arenda Vasylenko van de-Ree

Manager of the Project "Perspective21-3"


Natalia Lishchuck

Coordinator, Methodist of the Project "Perspective21-3"


Julia Kikta

SEN Teacher Assistant of the experimental class, Christian Ethics Teacher


Tatiyana Lytvynenko

Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher, Tutor of the experimental class


Hanna Borovyck

Senior Teacher, Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher


Arthur Ignatov

Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher, SEN Teacher assistant


Svitlana Ivanchenko

Senior Teacher, Special Education Needs (SEN) Teacher, Music Teacher


Victoria Zaremba

SEN Teacher Assistant

Olga Sokolova

SEN Teacher Assiastant

Viktor Oleksandrovych Chepurnyi

SEN Teacher Assiastant

Oksana Igorivna Abbasova

SEN Teacher Assiastant

Manager “Perspectiva 21-3”…

… means for me to be honored to work with a very dedicated and enthusiastic team of people who really show every day what it means to ‘make de difference’.

Our mutual believe in the opportunities of our special need children is based on the faith that each one of them is a unique creation from God. Every day we face the question: “Who is teaching whom?!” And I can witness that these special children taught me a lot of life skills, which I never in my live would be able to learn in any  institute or university!!!

As for me, ever since the birth of our son Petro (Down’s syndrome) in 2003, I see the enormous privilege of working for the rights of these children in Ukraine. As member of the Down syndrome organization in Ukraine, and now leading this beautiful project, we even don’t realize how much impact this will have for the future development of this group of children, but also for Ukraine-wide awareness on this field.

This pilot project is the first in Ukraine. Our vision is to develop a high quality, practical learning program tried by the children themselves and approved by an scientific experiment. First 5 years show great results. Evidence, that these children are educable, if we make usage of their strong sides, is an important statement to the authorities.

We’re very happy with all different steak-holders, sponsors, donors and governmental support to make it possible!

I’m very proud to see the personal and professional development of our team. It’s a dynamic process what is inspiring me. No doubt, I would call the “Radist” team a expertise team, which can develop without limits…

Last but not least, I would like to mention the great role our parents play in the development of the children. This mutual approach is the foundation for a sure development of our children.

Let’s stay close together, and make the right steps to make the lives of our special gifts a life in Ukraine with PERSPECTIVE!

Soli Deo Gloria (let’s give God the credit!)

Arenda Vasylenko-van de Ree

Team building

The “Radist” team is on regularly base getting together with purpose of strengthen the team.

  • Friday noon work analyses with tea (combined with celebrations of birthdays etc.)
  • Sometimes just some excursion out in free time (theatre, tearoom, walk in nature etc.)
  • Seminars/master classes in school vocations about the different methods we use in the project.
  • Strategy planning day out of Kiev.
  • Barbeque out of Kiev. (Games, songs, presents, smiles, tears, hugs and prayers!)
  • Trainings by psychologist (during vocations) on topics like communication, time management.
  • We’ve minimum once a year individual talks on professional en personal development.