Exchange trip “Radist” team to the Netherlands

Already for the fourth time we’re able to organize an exchange trip for four of our team members to Holland.

From 25th -29th of October 2016 Pollina Piddubna, Hanna Borovyk, Julia Kikta and Olga Sokolova had the opportunity to visit 2 schools for children with Special Education Needs (SEN). “De Rank” in Barendrecht, en “Pieter Zandt” Praktijkonderwijs in Kampen opened (again) their doors for giving priceless information about how to organize (practical) education.

Further were visited Bakery/Lunchroom “Uniek”, where adults with mental handicaps are working.

“Park Spelderholt”, an training centre, where people with SEN after school can live and study for three years in training more practical/job and communication skills, gave a lot of information which we’d like to integrate in our school program, and — if God gives- future project vision.

Presentations and discussion with experts about balance between different specialists, parents and children, and a job coach gave a lot of insight information about how to work on a good and necessary foundation for good developmental results the children with SEN.

Different place of potential occupation opportunities where shown.

And, in order to make the ‘picture’ complete, they visited a house where different adults with mental handicaps live under supervision.

We’d like to express our gratefulness to all inviting and participating partners- as mentioned above-, as well to Corrie de Jong, Ans van de Heuvel en Wim Visser for their role in organization and hosting our people.

We’re looking forward to further cooperation in the future, with the prayer that God will bless you richly for all your support, time, and job, to make this fourth trip again big success!!!