International scientific Practical Conference


On the 29th of October 2015, the “Perspectiva 21-3” project organized an International Scientific Practical Conference:

 “Socialization of Children with Special Educational Needs in the Context of Compensational Education”.

The conference was both a celebration of success, and a presentation on a new book. It was a celebration of the finalizing stage of the first scientific experiment,“Integration of Children with Down Syndrome in an Educational Climate”. The conference  had a presentation on the  book “Learning with Joy,” which serves as a guide for the education model we set up with the Radist-classes. Radist means “joy” in Ukrainian, hence the name “Learning with JOY.”

The event took place in “Radisson Blu Hotel Podil” in Kiev.

We have a contract with this hotel within the framework of their ‘responsible business’ program.

The Radist classes have a project called “Radist welcomes you!” For 2 years, our children have been getting regular excursions/masterclasses in the hotel on various jobs  ranging from cleaning ladies, to chef-cooks to employees in the restaurant.

The Radisson personnel have also been visiting our school every week, giving training in serving tables and working as waiters  in our Professional Orientation Room (POR). This room  also has  a small restaurant.

We look back on a very successful event. A good variety of participants attended. Ukrainian authorities from Ministry of Education, as well as from  the National Institute of Special Pedagogics attended, and several representatives from different universities. Specialists and parents came, as well as people from Embassy of the Netherlands. Kulebov, Ombudsman for children’s rights , and Andrey Kolobov, director of Poroshenko Foundation, were present.  Sponsors such as Auchan, the Kyiv Lions Club, and other sponsors came as well.

The main purpose of the event was to show the education model we’ve worked out the past five years, and the evidence that it works in Ukraine! We’re very happy that several of our kids got a training program in Radisson in the past months. The kids performed brilliantly!

We had a press conference about the presented book “ Learning with Joy”   Here you should add links!

The experiment was presented from scientific point of views as well. Dutch experts and advisors present at the conference gave their opinion on the job that was done.

Now we continue to discuss with the mentioned parties on further development, especially in the areas of dissemination and coaching of other initiatives. We’d like to make a series of modules from the developed education materials—such as the copybooks—together with a methodological and work-planning guide. There is big need for it in Ukraine.

As you should understand, we need to expand our team to manage this enormous workload. So we are looking for extra finances to provide  salaries specifically for this important job. In Kyiv it’s very expensive to live, especially now with the  devaluation of Hrivna from 10 UAH/1 Euro to 26 UAH/1 Euro. And that,  without a raise in salaries. In general, the salaries are the biggest part of the budget pie—we can’t work without them. They should be stable to be able to do this difficult and  important job!

Summary: It’s possible to make children with special educational needs ready to take part in society! If you do it all Systematic, Complex and Practical!