Radist classes

2d of December 2015: Opening Professional Orientation (class)Room (POR) for sponsors and partners

After intensive period of renovation, and receiving a lot of financial support and advices from different sources, we were happy to meet our sponsors and partners at the opening of the POR.

A presentation about the project was given by Arenda Vasylenko-van de Ree. Pavlushenko Olga Nicolaeva, director of the school, explained the vital need for this type of lessons for children with Special Education Needs (SEN).

The children of the “Radist classes” hosted our guests for a tour through the POR. The different sections (napravlinie)  were presented; reception, library, office, café, kitchen, shop, laundry and cleaning area. Each child was telling and showing their obtained skills. At the end the served our guests with coffee/tea and sweets!

We’re very proud of our children which are growing up, and are able in anadequate way to please our guests. Well done!

The year 2015-2016 was started developing an education program for lessons on professional orientation. Our methodological coordinator and our teacher for these lessons, work within the borders of a scientific experiment for the National Institute for special education in Ukraine. The same way as our team developed an adapted program for the primary school, now they work on the next stage. Our target is that the children will be able to go for internship and finally will have job!

Last but not least, a special thanks for Kyiv Lions Club, which was the biggest sponsor for realizing the POR! Thank you for your faithful and dedicated support! Thank you for fully supporting our vision, and helping to make a difference in Ukraine for children with SEN!


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