Seminar “Radist” team

Last autumn holidays, precisely at 2d of November, a seminar took place in one of the “Radist” classrooms. The organization of the seminar was in hand of the board of the “Perspectiva 21-3” project.

Participants where the team members of “Radist”, Makarchuk N.O. (Professor and scientific supervisor of the experiment), Pavluchenko O.N (the director of  school nr. 26th) and other members of the school administration.

In a ‘homely’ atmosphere, we’re able to thank above all God, for His faithful guidance and blessing over this tremendous important job. Cor Harrivan (Dutch missionary pastor in Ukraine, and spiritual coach of the team) shared an encouraging message from Bible, based on Daniel. “Dare to be a Daniel, dare to be alone…”.  Sometimes we can have the feeling that we’re staying ‘alone’ in this difficult but significant job in Ukraine, but every time again, at the most important points, God provided with the right vision, understanding, support, contacts etc.

“Eben Haezer” (till this moment) God has helped us!

Those were the words printed on the bottom of certificates which Sergey Kuryanov (president of the Down Syndrome NGO) gave to all above mentioned participants.

Each person gave a personal word after receiving the certificate and present… straight from heart, with tears and smiles.

Makarchuk Natalia Olexievna encouraged us to continue and to multiply… Which is fitting exactly the Biblical vision for life… to use the talents we received from God, to saw, to multiply, to look ahead and finaly: to harvest!

The team members shared to presentations about the 3 day trip to L’viv, with 10 of the children, and about the exchange trip to the Netherlands.

After having delicious lunch (prepared by t. Lena Citarchuk), and a singing a song together Andrey and Arenda Vasylenko presented the furthers plans for the project. Followed by plenary discussion with the “Radist” team and the board.