Trip to Lviv

Tuesday 4th till Thursday 6th of October 2016 are going into history as remarkable dates for children and teachers of the “Radist” classes.

Since one of our sponsorfamilies from Holland was initiating a special action to collect money for an excursion. De Dreu family’s 6th child has Down’s syndrome. Christi-Anne and her mom Marie-Jose were crafting photo cards and selling them for this purpose.


We’re very grateful to this family. Their faithful support, and sincere interest in the development of our children, is the reason that 10 of our children could make a three-days trip to L’viv.



After serious preparation, like getting acquainted with the program, and what to expect, parents could wave children farewell in the early morning of 6th of October, realizing that something very significant is happening in Ukraine!


10 children with Down’s syndrome and other special education needs in the age of 11-13 year, went without parents to give the real ‘exam’ of all the five-six years what was laid as foundation in the “Radist”classes.


While meeting the children after three days, we realized that children got even much more a real team of friends! Teachers told that the ‘exam’ was given on high ‘marks’.


All gained skills like reading, counting, time orientation, planning, adequate behavior, easy adaptation to changes etc. were obviously noticed.


Of course there are still enough things to work on, but were on the right track!

All children want again to go to L’viv!!!